About me

Hi, I am Francesco Saverio Sapio and I am a Hypnotist and a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a certified  Advance RTT therapist , certified RTT Graduate Trainer, certified in personal and professional development, trained in London by the best hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

I have helped hundreds of people to make positive changes in their lives, such as  overcoming depression , anxiety and suicide risk, eliminate fears, loose weight, quit smoking, increase self-confidence and raise self-esteem, freeing them from debilitating phobias, as well as many other problems.

My goal is to help you make quick, permanent and successful changes in your life.

My specialty is depression, suicide risk, anxiety, confidence and cellular command therapy, a powerful technique for purposefully healing the body,
but I also work with a variety of other problems, including:

Give up smoking
Loose weight
Phobias and Fears
Bad habits
Fear of public speaking

… and many others